E-tivity 3

It has been a long and daunting journey through the treacherous terrain which is e-marketing. Got a few scars and have grown. From the start of the semester I really did not know what to expect or how to feel about e-marketing. I can tell you this from all that uneasiness and I am currently employed at a digital marketing agency. I didn’t know anything about digital marketing when I started and now it could be a career option.

From all the tutorials, lectures, project work and exposure to the digital industry, one thing has stuck with me. With all the information I was being exposed to, I found that how integrated the strategy (Nielson, 2011) was, was of most importance to me, it just stood out. Digital marketing is all about the consumer’s journey (Crate, 2010). As Torsten Mueller of the GfK Digital Market Intelligence points out that today’s consumers do not follow a set (straight) line to purchase. Consumers instead interact with brands differently, share information in various ways. For successful marketing marketers must understand how the consumers behave. By understanding their motivations and preferences, they can better inform the tactics used in their strategies and effectively affect every stop in the consumer’s journey. I see this as a way to tell a story about your brand through each step of the journey. This also means a great deal of research on the part of the marketer, this might seem laborious but it’s a chance for marketers to be more dynamic and innovative in their marketing strategy (Bennet, 2012).

I have been working with Ad Marula and DataCore Media and have been trying to apply what I have learnt in class and in the tutorials to the real world situation. I have been finding very difficult. Bill Lee product manager for google analytics said something that suck “E – marketing is a complex process of planting the seed, nurturing it, and finally harvesting the fruits of your marketing efforts”. Going into the working world next year I would like to further understand how this is achieved not just theories and the components of a digital marketing strategy. I would want to further understand about market Attribution (which gives visibility to successes and failures to tactics used); I feel this is valuable tool which I did the knowhow on besides learning about KPI’s and setting SMART goals. I would like a further understanding of this so when I enter into the marketing environment I can be more useful to how ever I am working.

This brings me to what might be a bit of controversy, I have not figured out yet what the point of formulaic teaching in a field which needs more creative thinking. I understand the needs for structure and core elements of the field but I feel it should stop there. The more flexible the structure of the course the more creative I can be. The number of times in the course I have felt the need to say something or approach things but did not have the degrees of freedom to do so because it was not in the rubric.

I want to thank all the lecturers and tutors for the opportunity to learn and work besides people I now call my friends and also providing me with a career option. It has truly been a pleasure.


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Hello Computer!

Hello Computer is a full service digital marketing agency breath life and creativity into marketing strategy, it is centred on communicating a companies DNA. They have conducted research into the Social Media environment in South Africa highlight all the changes through the years and its likely progression. it focuses on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and many others. the infographic below was developed to show some of the things Hello computers research has shown.

The Infographic below is focused on showing the biggest trends and performers in the South African Social Media environment.  Coming up and putting together an Infographic highly challenging as it has to be in-line with the digital marketing strategy. Infographics are content marketing set to provide content to the consumers. Before Hello computer can distribute or even come up with what content it must show it its consumers it must consider in formulating its Digital strategy.

Hello Computer must ask then selves a few questions, who are they? What are they offering? To whom they are selling? Why and how they are selling. To answer these question they must consider the context in which they are operating (what are their values, their operational capabilities). They must also consider their value proposition, what are they offering their clients. Who are their customers and why they are selling to this target market.

From this they must consider why and how they are to achieve and implement their digital marketing strategy. Content marketing can be used as a tactic is implementing their marketing strategy. They can use this info graphic below to inform marketing decisions, to allow their clients to gain a deeper understanding in a visually stimulating way about the environment which they operate. By providing information to the consumer infographics can be combined with other tactics (SEO, Direct Emails), to ensure that the goals set in the marketing strategy (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Timely and Reachable, SMART) goals are met. the timing of when to release the infographic will be critical as timing as everything as it retains relevance in the information which is disseminated to the consumers. this infographic e-tivity 2 CHMKUD004 shows the trends of social media in South Africa.

E-tivity 1- digital footprint

A little about me

i hadn’t ever thought about my presence online till i started this activity. since then noticed that

  • my online presence is restricted as most of my profile are hidden and don’t show up when i googled myself.
  • the number of things online about me are mostly academic, from UCT such as my academic careers. and that there is not much available on  me

it was an interesting search as i was curious to find out what exactly i said about  me online. this was because i have had a huge online presence online. i have had a blog before and various accounts on instagram,twitter, facebook, linkedin and myspace.

the only items i was ableto find were

  • my graduation
  • a list of other “chimeris” online people who share my surname


i think  i need to go to my all my accounts and change the privacy settings to ensure that it is visible on the internet. this will ensure that all my efforts on the internet are integrated and if i am to market myself on the internet the message is in unison. i kept all my accounts with high privacy setting as i did not want to open myself up to other users. but this experience has been eye opening. now i realize the benefits of having an online presence.

Future Online presence

online from this experience i hope to open up all my accounts to  public scrutiny. this will allow me to grow  and get feedback from others on what I am like online. i hope to be more influential  on line adding to posts by friends and furthering discourse. i feel i have a lot to share and i intend to start doing exactly that. i also want to integrate my  accounts instead of having different funky names for each account will have one name so i  am searchable easier and its more organised online presence

Reflection on the experience

it is easy to assume you are doing something online when in fact you are doing something else. this excise has shown me the need to house keep my online to ensure that my i am exactly what i think i am  online. security when managed is good but should not  be too paranoid online and to share. sharing will allow me to enhance my online experience.

in light of the experience im glad  i learnt about this sooner than later as the experience has been invaluable